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Subscriber Cover

Subscriber Cover

Neville Brody has designed the cover for the subscriber version of Wallpaper*, August, 2009.

‘I wanted to create something subversive,’ says Brody of the limited edition cover – his first collaboration with Wallpaper*. ‘Creatives like us often have a love-hate relationship with our work. I wanted something that seems raw and takes time to work through,’ he says.

Also created was as new version of Brody’s peace typeface for the design directory section.

Taken from the issue:
This month’s Design Directory is graced by Neville Brody’s peace 2, a font developed exclusively for Wallpaper* by the London based designer. After two decades in the design industry, Brody is more than familiar with the aesthetic ebb and flow.

‘Peace 2 started with Peace and Love, a project I did with in 2003,’ says Brody. Beginning with the raw building blocks of the classic Tate + Lyle logo, the designer created a stencil font, Peace, with a strong relationship to his own Typeface 6. As Brody points out, Tate + Lyle was a suitably complex choice of source material: the imperial industrial titan also spawned a modern cultural powerhouse, the Tate Gallery. It’s a salient demonstration of one of the designer’s core beliefs, that ‘design is political, whether it’s a toothbrush, or a poster or an Underground map. It affects people, you can’t escape it.’

Peace subsequently appeared in a slightly modified form on a Victoria and Albert Museum poster, before being transformed into Peace 2 for Wallpaper*.

Peace 2 smoothes out the original’s sharp edges and adds a lower case version, the result is strict and austere, each letter reduced to a series of distinct architectural shapes and revealing a series of diagrammatical drawings, reminiscent perhaps of a Libeskind facade or an Eisenman floor plan. ‘It’s a very architectural font, ‘ Brody admits, and there are obvious references not only to stencil and graffiti culture itself – currently being reviewed by a new generation of young artists and designers – but also to fonts such as Lineto’s le Corbusier. What’s most satisfying of all is that Peace 2 doesn’t just work on the page, it’s designed to be fused into architecture itself.

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Peace 2 in use

Peace 2 in use

Posted: July 14, 2009

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